Energiewende – an Herculean task

Mobility for the future

Modern life is heavily reliant on communications and mobility. They both create opportunities for interaction, a change of perspective, new experiences, and a supply of life’s essentials. Some mobility needs can be replaced and reduced through innovative communication technologies. However, a real reduction in mobility would mean losing out on quality of life.

The massive waste of primary energy in our current mobility system, due to the low level of overall efficiency in the well-to-wheel chain of efficiency ratios, is no longer compatible with our ambitious plans for a new energy future.

The use of battery-powered electric vehicles holds out the promise of a significant reduction in this overall loss to the economy. But anyone who drives a battery-powered car under real-world conditions is familiar with the ever-present fear of an empty battery. As far as our future mobility is concerned, then, the technological and scientific challenge spans two poles:

Maximising energy efficiency – Maximising automotive range

We are now investing considerable effort in solving this challenge. We are certain that we can unveil a solution very soon. So stay with us!