The German Energiewende is a Herculean task

The Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology IEE (formerly Fraunhofer IWES) spearheads the transformation of energy systems. The international climate conferences in Copenhagen, Cancún, Durban and Doha have failed. A new approach is needed – we are confident of the success of the German Energiewende!

By showing to the world that a zero-carbon energy supply is feasible for a medium-sized nation of 80 million people such as Germany, a normative force can be unleashed that is strong enough to turn the tide in climate policy.

Our Hercules project website will reveal, step by step, how each of the »Herculean« tasks can be mastered. Today’s first installment spotlights the funding of the transformation.

You may be surprised at what the transformation really costs … stay tuned!

Energy system transformation must not fail!