Energiewende – an Herculean task

12 Herculean tasks

Since the name »Apollo« had already been taken by the moon mission, another great hero of antiquity was chosen to lend his name to, and act as a figurehead for, Germany’s energy system transformation. And it’s an appropriate choice, for Hercules proved that he was more than equal to a challenge. King Eurystheus required him to perform 12 »labours«, many of which involved capturing or killing extremely dangerous mythical creatures. This 12-point structure can be applied to energy system transformation as well. The new Herculean tasks are therefore to:

Herculean task 1

clean up the massive »coal mountain«

Herculean task 2

set up a large-scale solar energy system

Herculean task 3

set up a large-scale wind energy system

Herculean task 4

set up a large-scale
stationary battery
energy storage system

Herculean task 5

launch a hydrogen

Herculean task 6

create balancing power plant capacity

Herculean task 7

establish a smart energy grid

Herculean task 8

shape a new world of mobility

Herculean task 9

create an efficient
supply of heating and cooling

Herculean task 10

establish a new
operating system for
the energy supply

Herculean task 11

develop a financing strategy

Herculean task 12

promote Germany’s
energy system transformation worldwide