Energiewende – an Herculean task

Who will drive the business?

Some »players« have already recognised the business opportunities afforded by energy system transformation in Germany. As an infrastructure-based business, this investment will offer stable returns over the long term.

Many investors are desperately seeking stable investment opportunities nowadays. And those which offer returns backed by Germany’s well-performing industrial economy rank among the most attractive opportunities of all.

China – keen to find a safe home in Europe or the USA to invest its massive export surpluses – is probably the leading source of capital at present. We’re now seeing not only Chinese technology at Germany’s wind farms and solar parks but Chinese capital as well.

What we would like to see is German capital investment, especially from ordinary citizens, who should have a right of first refusal and a chance to have a stake in Germany’s energy system transformation, before international financiers snatch it out of their hands.

The positive aspect of this emerging competition is that there is no need to worry about the financing of Germany’s energy system transformation.